Saturday, July 20, 2013

We're selling the produce...At last!

This Spring is looking very exciting so far. Positive Cycle is now managing and training so many successful peri urban micro farms that even the administration is quite a bit of work. We're on top of it though and it looks like our long time goal/dream of actually stimulating micro economic growth is beginning to take hold. Paulis Foods have been purchasing high quality veg from our micro farms. This is such excellent news. The produce is of the very highest quality and their company gets bragging rights for being among the first to realise that bringing micro economic farmers into the supply chain is a vital step for the health of South Africa's economy. It's also wise because when Positive Cycle trained farmers grow produce, they do it properly. The food our projects produce is the healthiest and most nutritious on the market. No we haven't tested that in a laboratory, it just works out that way when you use the full complement of bio dynamic agricultural techniques. There are right and wrong ways to grow food and we do it the right way. Not braggin you understand, just passionate. The Positive Cycle training company and GRO4U edible landscaping service were a long time in the planning stages and now that they have both been fully functional for several years we are starting to see spectacular results like these Lesabe Primary School.

So in short, yay for Paulis Foods!!! (BTW, the food is the best in Johannesburg, so its not only responsible, it's also delicious.)

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