Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Positive Recycle

Positive Cycle is pleased as punch to announce the formation of our new division, 'Positive Recycle'. In the years spent learning and teaching the art and science of growing food and useful plants without chemicals from labs but rather the natural substances available to use as pesticides and soil inputs, our company discovered the incalculable benefits of recycling food waste. Using anaerobic fermentation, we are able to turn food and other types of organic wet waste into incredibly potent fertilisers and compost. In combination with vermiculture, this system, known as 'bokashi' is set to revolutionise the recycling industry, not to mention play a vital role in off setting the costs of soil augmentation. Bokashi bins are to become a common sight in every home, school, shop, restaurant and office. In fact, we hope to create such a level of awareness, and provide such a high quality service in this field, that failing to recycle food waste will become a shameful thing that decent people simply don't admit to. If you would like to help, if protecting and even promoting the environment has meaning for you (and it should) we would encourage you to get in touch with us by clicking on the header of this post and doing your part by buying our inexpensive and properly carried out recycling systems and services.

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