Sunday, July 14, 2013

Battle against Monsanto

It often seems as though some do not take the bio dynamic model of agriculture very seriously, but make no mistake, people are fighting tooth and nail to try and break the iron grip that industrialised mono-culture has on agriculture. Support for the work done by Positive Cycle  is certainly present in society. Bio Watch a Durban based NPO has fought a nine year legal battle against Monsanto which you can read about.
It seems counter intuitive that a company doing business in such an insidious way has been allowed to operate to such an extent that they are a global force. It's unpleasant to realise that many are still ignorant of how these corporate giants can steal our food supply by owning the genetically modified organisms they sell as food items. There are legal battles underway in different countries all over the world to settle ownership of seed and gene stock. India, and Bolivia, as well as a few other independent minded nations and courts have ruled that original strains were a common heritage.Monsanto erred when they damaged their genetic build, and cannot claim that they 'own' the new organisms. That of course is reality, something most of the world is still ignoring. As individuals we can consult a list of monsanto products to avoid and do our best to eat natural foods.

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