Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hotels and Restaurants and their food waste in Johannesburg

In other areas of this blog we have looked at food waste, without addressing the tremendous volumes of wet waste produced in commercial kitchens, like those in guest houses, restaurants and hotels. Although Johannesburg restaurant kitchens may set out to waste as little as possible, in order to maximise profit by minimising wastage, there is nonetheless always a large amount of waste, and historically that waste has been among the worst managed.

We are collecting bins of anaerobicallyfermenting wet waste from businesses, hotels and restaurants. We've had to price our offering low enough to make the whole exercise make sense to a profit driven business owner but we are able to say that this is one little biodynamic training company that is putting a hang of a lot of food waste back into the soil, and in some of the areas that need it the most too, like Hammanskraal and Soweto. Bare soil and sandy roadways can easily be replaced with paradise, if more and more people learn to build the soil back up out of all the organic material we ordinarily waste and allow to be processed in ways that are not really acceptable from an environmental point of view.