Monday, December 1, 2014

Becoming a part of the Earth

When the average Joe first becomes aware of permaculture, he or she usually decides that it's a good idea. I mean, gardens, healthy food, natural medicine, as long as you don't go and join a cult and live in a yurt it should be fun right?
Not everyone goes all the way. For me, permaculture has been a lifelong journey and it didn't stop in the garden. Permaculture became a part of my life, and then I realised that I had an obligation to become a part of permaculture's life. In other words, you haven't really started living if you have not yet started giving back to the system thatyou were born a part of.

Lately this idea has been carrying reaaly far, making inroads into how I live my life and what investments I choose to make. My house now has at least one geo thermally regulated area, using the soil around the walls to insulate the rooms. We have sluiced the run off in the street directly into a system of swales and channels that feeds the deep soil in our garden. We did this in an effort to be rid of the massive water bills an urban farm can run up.

Every aspect of my life is becoming integrated with the planet I live on and that just feels so good. It's difficult to know what will happen to me next, as my realisation of the life I feel is right continues. A constantly expanding positive cycle of my influence on the world around me. Everything is only part of everything else, it all fits together.

I love Permaculture.