Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vegetable gardening classes.

Gardening Workshops.
Positive Cycle is proudly hosting a very comprehensive set of vegetable gardening workshops. The classes run from 09h00 on Saturdays at the Positive Cycle Garden in Auckland Park, Johannesburg and end at around 15h00. An organic and sustainable method of growing your own food is taught and it is well worth it. During the day a delicious lunch is served made from the ingredients learners are being shown how to grow.

It's a fun day out and you can really learn a lot. Positive Cycle is inspired by the idea of getting people growing. In more ways than one. Growing plants can be a tremendously self affirming activity. It's a serious class though. Real permacultural principles that have been tried and tested are used. Get in touch with Positive Cycle and see if you have a green thumb too!

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