Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organic Farming.

Organic Farming Workshops.
In recent years many people have begun to realise the value of growing food. Particularly organic farming methods as it has now been quite clearly established that organic yields are superior to monoculture yields. Provided you have the knowledge of what to do, this way of growing food is now the direction of the future. A great deal of work has been done toward recovering the enormous knowledge base that was so badly damaged by the advent of industrial agriculture and chemical fertilisers in the early part of the last century. Positive Cycle is proud to be able to contribute to the recovery of this essential life supporting knowledge and offers organic farming workshops at the Positive Cycle garden in Auckland Park Johannesburg.

Learning Old Ways.
Much of the knowledge of how to grow food organically has been recovered by organisations like Positive Cycle in a process of trial and error. Enough time has now been spent on this endeavour that all over the world it is now becoming possible to roll out organic farming workshops where learners have an unprecedented opportunity to learn what really works. We have made progress in leaps and bounds and are ready to share what has been learnt.

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