Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pretty Mayise and the Urban farming or food gardening project.

Grow one farmer at a time project

Tinasonke, where we have been involved for quite some time now is one of those projects where the peope are so up beat and excited at the learning opportunities as well as the business potential that you just can't help but get excited about it right along with them.
Pretty is a good example. The gardening she has done over the years has gradually taken on a larger and larger role in her community as a source of food, and also as a source of the knowledge of how to produce food. Food gardening in Johannesburg is about more than just keeping up with your next door neighbour. These urban micro farms are becoming more responsible every day for producing high value meals for children.

Economically, many people are struggling with a little less than was available to them only a few years ago. Funding that was available for Pretty to farm more economically is not as easy to find as it once was. Pretty needs to start farming, on a larger scale, and we have seen how ready she and the other farmers on the land at Hluboku are. We are looking for donations to help her, if you follow the link through to her page, there you will see an itemised list of things the farms need, who has already contributed what equipment and how you can get involved. Just a few moments of your time, and a little money, could make a large difference to several families' incomes as well as making fresh produce available to YOURSELF TOO! If you live in the greater Johannesburg area you could take advantage of the opportunity to invest in Pretty, who will send you a portion of her harvest at reduced prices.

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