Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Changing Season (part two)

As the days get warmer and longer the garden comes to life; plants show signs of new growth and the bugs that you haven't seen for a while, start coming out of hiding. Now is a good time to do your preparation to get the garden into action for summer.

Winter is the resting period for a lot of plants, not many are productive during the cold months. Plants rest during winter, because the temperature affects the their ability to absorb nutrients. During the period of winter, the plant will need to conserve its energy and that is why you trimmed your plants back during late autumn, early winter. During the winter the plant stores its energy in its lower parts, including its roots, or into a tuber or crown if the pant has these.

As the season changes the temperature rises and the plant starts to have access to nutrients and this triggers the beginning of the growing cycle. Plants start sending out leaves and flowers using the stored energy to claim the prize of the suns golden energy filled rays.

Insects also become active as each day gets warmer they too have been resting during winter, while food supplies are low. As the night temperature rises they start hatching now and will need some time to expand their population. So it is very important to watch what you leave lying around to make sure that they stay under control.

Preparing the garden for the planting season is very important, adding granular organic fertiliser, compost and mulch is a good start, so that when you sow your seeds or plant your seedlings the ground is ready to explode into growth.

Seedlings that germinate from vegetables that went to seed during autumn will be germinating around now. They normally do not germinate where you want them too, not to worry as they are easy to move . Replant these seedling where you want them to grow while they are young.

It is during early spring when you want to push start your garden into action by adding vital energy, and planning to ensure that you get the most out of your garden during summer.

By getting a few of the important spring tasks done early you will have more time to enjoy your garden, and you will be able to take advantage of a longer harvesting period. There is so much joy in seeing your seedling's first leaves emerging out of the ground, and as each day passes you get excited to taste the results of your patience.

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