Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Quest for Unscarred Organic Produce.

How many times have we heard it repeated that producing perfect looking and tasting vegetables and fruits with organic or biodynamic methods is impossible and that we have to accept a certain amount of damage if we want to avoid using chemical or poisonous interventions? It has been repeated so often that we now all tend to accept this information as a confirmed fact.

Positive Cycle, ever keen to push the limits of our methods, would like to prove otherwise. We know that with the right investment in time and energy spent creating optimal soil health it is not only possible, but also cost effective, to produce perfect produce in an organic garden or farm setting. In the early years of Positive Cycle we all tended to assume that absolute perfection was not really natural. We no longer believe that, having seen such amazing results in gardens older than three years, where organic, bio diverse practises have produced a perfect environment. It's been quite an eye opener not just for our clients, sponsored beneficiaries and learners, but for us too. To be quite frank, you haven't lived until you have eaten perfect organic produce, grown in 100% optimal conditions. It gives you a new definition of just what food is.

Feeling doubtful? If you haven't seen it for yourself, you will, but it can be done. We are not saying that it is easy, just that it can be done. We feel it is important to make people aware that unscarred organic produce can be grown by farmenrs and home gardeners alike. Many people shy away from the idea of organic agriculture because they are accustomed to looking at unblemished harvests from industrialised chemically orientated farms. Proving that perfect fruit and veg is possible without chemical intervention could change the game. Changing perceptions that are currently limiting the growth of biodynamic gardening and agriculture is our goal and perfect fruit and vegetables will go a long way to achieving that.
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